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Autism research can mean: to (re-)discover the own autism, to develop it, to exchange it with other autistic humans, to experience other autistic humans. Such kind of research is empowerment.

workshops "autistic skills"

September 21 2019 (Kurt): autArt 4: Cinema at Lichtmess Cinema, Hamburg, Germany

September 26 2019 (Hajo): Talk at the Conference „Autism and the Kommunikation-Thing“, Hannover, Germany

October 26 and 27 2019 (Hajo): training workshop at ZAK, Hannover, Germany

November 13 2019 (Hajo): Talk at the „Conference Autism and Profession – Autistic Persons are Amazing…. And Often Amazingly Efficient!“, Würzburg, Germany

November 22 2019 (Hajo): Talk at the Conference „To Live Autism. People in the Autismspectrum as Experts on Their Own Behalf“, Homburg (Saar), Germany

November 28 to december 1 2019 Meeting with activists on the topic of "Autistic Skills" in Kloten, Sweden

December 6 2019 (Hajo): Workshop for staffs in Anne-Dore-Leber Berufsbildungswerk, Berlin, Germany