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Autism research can mean: to (re-)discover the own autism, to develop it, to exchange it with other autistic humans, to experience other autistic humans. Such kind of research is empowerment.

workshops "autistic skills"

April 10 till 12 2019 (Serena, Hajo): Poster of graduate thesis "Autistic Experience" Fokus på autism 2019, Stockholm, Sweden

April 12 2019 (Hajo): staffs training Theordor-Schäfer-Berufsbildungswerk, Husum, Germany

May 5 2019 autArt 3: Cinema Lichtmess Cinema, Hamburg, Germany

June 3 2019 (ASPI Utbilding AB): Talk at autSocial e.V., Hamburg, Germany

June 4 2019 (ASPI Utbilding AB): Talk at ZAK, Hannover, Germany

June 7 2019 (ASPI Utbilding AB): Talk in ExRotaprint, Berlin, Germany